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CBT and Motorcyle Training in North London

Highbury & Islington | Tottenham & Wood Green

MOD1 Motorcycle Test Tutorial - London Training Centre
Not sure what to expect from your motorcycle training? Well, one of our lovely students filmed this to help explain the process! You can also see our trainer, Ossie, walking him through all of the steps and guiding him throughout the training session. 

On the day of the Module 1 test, candidates will be asked by the examiner to demonstrate their riding ability on either the left-hand or right-hand circuit. Please note that the standard off-road layout may change due to local conditions on the casual sites.

These specified manoeuvres are:
  • On and off stand.
  • Wheel the machine.
  • Slalom.
  • Figure of eights.
  • slow ride.
  • U-turn.
  • Controlled stop in the box.
  • 50kph (32mph emergency stop.
  • 50kph (32mph) avoidance and brake

To book in for your Module 1, please contact us here 

A Lovely New Review
We're so honoured to receive so many lovely reviews from our past students, we can't believe that we now have over 135 reviews on Google! It's simply amazing, and we couldn't be more thankful to you all for supporting our business. 

I just wanted to quickly highlight this recent review we got on Google as it's a perfect example of our processes and what you can expect on the day/s of your training. Many thanks to Sam for leaving such a nice review, and a big well done from all of us for passing!

"I completed my CBT and DAS course with A2Z and passed all first time!

The CBT is an hour in a car park followed by 90-120 mins on the quiet residential roads around Islington. If you're doing the DAS then you can complete the CBT on a manual geared 125, which is a good starter towards the big bike. CBTs are done in groups of 6, which can split to ensure groupings of similar ability.

Tina did a great job at scheduling the DAS course around my diary, which was 4 days training (6 hours a day) followed by both mod 1 & 2 tests on the 5th day.

Day 1 is an introduction to the big bike, of which A2Z have a fleet of brand new Yamaha MT07 ABS which are great to ride a look wicked (so much so I picked mine up yesterday!). You'll spend the first day riding around Islington learning junction discipline and then the remaining days are up around Enfield, Waltham Abbey and Chingford which are where the mod 2 test routes are, picking out specific tricky potential parts of test routes to practice. The great approach to the training is that time isn't spent riding around cones in preparation for mod 1, it's spent riding on the roads of which the scenarios you ride are then related back to the types of maneuvers on mod 1 exercises, killing two birds with one stone.

Every day will rendez-vous at the DVSA test centre, to get used to the surroundings of the test centre and where the mod 1 test is held - there are opportunities to watch each exercise in test and on the 4 day A2Z take you onto the Mod 1 yard to do practice runs of each exercise before the test on day 5 (not all schools do this). It's clear that A2Z really commit and pride themselves on a 95%+ pass rate on mod 1!

The DAS is completed with 1 other student, so 2 students to 1 instructor. Ossie and Shane are absolutely fantastic instructors - clearly are both experienced, safe and credible riders and instructors (Shane used to be an examiner, which is great experience for mock tests). But mostly, they're a good laugh, patient and tailor the course to your needs and areas of development. Tina runs the show and all runs brilliantly! My mod 2 test got cancelled by the DVSA but Tina managed to get me rebooked in weeks rather than the 3 months the DVSA were quoting!

Overall, if I could give these guys 6 stars I would - the whole course from start to finish was enjoyable, great quality and without any issues. My perception was that A2Z are head and shoulders above the other schools you see up at the test centre in professionalism and genuine care for students success.

Thanks a lot, guys - I'll definitely be seeing you in the future for some advanced training!"

To book your course in please contact Tina here 
New Training Centre in Wood Green - Opening 21st April 2017!
Thrilled to announce our new training centre based in Tottenham and Wood Green! It's hugely exciting to be able to expand our company and help to cover more of North London with high quality motorcycle training!

At the new centre we will be able to run CBT, A2 and DAS Training 7 days a week, so please contact us to book in your course. 

The address of the new centre is:  

A2Z Rider Training - Tottenham and Wood Green
New River Sport & Fitness
White Hart Lane
Wood Green
N22 5QW

​Hope to see you there soon!
Motorcycle Training London - Areas Covered
Our family run North London motorcycle training school, is centrally located in the heart of Highbury & Islington N1, with excellent bus & tube links, making us easily accessible from all areas of London.

We pride ourselves in offering a professional, friendly service with a personal touch, making learning to ride a motorcycle or scooter in London easy & cost effective. We offer C.B.T ( compulsory basic training ) from £100.00, A1 & A2- restricted motorcycle licence and D.AS - full motorcycle licence training.  

Areas we cover, we provide CBT, A1, A2 and DAS motorcyle training to all of North London including:
  • Islington
  • Highgate
  • Holborn
  • Camden
  • Holloway
  • Archway
  • Kings Cross
  • Hackney
  • Dalston
  • Holborn
  • Tottenham
  • Stamford Hill
  • Manor House
  • Finsbury Park
  • Harringay
  • Seven Sisters
  • Woodgreen
  • Muswell Hill

Please see a map of our location below, and get in touch if you'd like to book in or request more information.

Learn to ride in 2017!
The start of the new year is a great time to decide on your goals and the things that you want to achieve in the forthcoming year. Many people will be looking to start a healthier lifestyle, whilst others will want to get a better job or go travelling. But what if your resolution is learning to ride a motorbike? And let's be honest, that's surely the best new years resolution to have?!

Well the best place to start is here, and completing your CBT with A2Z Motorcycle Training! We'll teach you all the basics, and make sure you know all about the different requirements and controls. Then we'll go through some basic training and make sure that you'd be safe to drive on the road. For full details of our CBT course in London, click here. 

If you've already got this far, and are well on your way to becoming a qualified motorcyclist then the DAS Course is for you, as this will give you your practical motorcycle license. Read more here 

Not sure where you need to start? Contact us today for help and advice

We Couldn't Be More Proud
It can be very hard as a company to blow your own trumpet about your reviews, but we wanted to take the time to say a big thank you to every single student that has left us a lovely review. 

At current we have over 110 reviews on Google, with the huge majority being 5 star reviews. We also have forty 5 star reviews on Facebook, and we couldn't be more grateful. 

Here are a selection of our latest motorcycle training reviews :

"Thanks guys for such a good training, it's been great to learn from you and pass it in the first try! I'd totally recommend you, specially confident having such nice bikes with ABS, it made the emergency stop a breeze!" 

"The instructors were tremendously kind, friendly, fun and professional. There was a strong emphasis on safety and proper control of the bikes throughout. I could not recommend this school highly enough."

"I can't rate A2Z highly enough!! They really deserve 5 star reviews. I got such a warm welcome from Tina on the phone that I knew this was the riding school for me! Ossie and Shane are true professionals, providing all the knowledge and encouragement you need to be successful. They are both a good a laugh aswell making it easier to learn! I passed both tests first time on the same day and I was over the moon! The bikes you learn on are perfect, well looked after. Riding through Epping forest and stopping for lunch was such an great bonus! Choose A2Z, you won't regret it!"

If you're interested in finding out more about the courses we offer please follow the links below:
Compulsory Basic Training
Category A1 Light Motorcycles Licence
A2 (restricted motorcycle license)
Direct Access Scheme
5 Easy steps to pass your Motorcycle Theory Test!
1.     Use the resources!
There are tons of DVD’s, PC-CD’s, Books and Audio books that provide you with the required knowledge and understanding to pass your Theory test. We would recommend buying “The Complete Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perception Tests
This is a super resource and provides you with tutorials, step to step guides and mock exams that will prepare you for the real thing.
2.     Revise, Revise, Revise!
You need to be revising your heart out prior to the exam, and keep on revising until you are getting 50 out of 50 in your mock exams. The questions on the exams are not the same as the ones on the DVD’s, but they are very similar.  There are no trick questions; they simply want to establish whether you have a clear understanding of the theory of driving.
Don’t bother turning up to the test without revising and trying to wing it.  Study thoroughly prior to the exam and there shouldn’t be a single question you have to guess.

3.     Remember your identification!
The examiners will require both your provisional license and your passport. Without these you will be unable to take the test.
A few days prior to the test, make sure you know exactly where your ID and passport are located. Keep it somewhere safe where you will remember for the day of your exam. Then, make absolutely sure you pick them up before you leave the house, to go to the exam.
4.     Leave in good time
Make sure you leave plenty of time to get to the Examination building, similar to the step above, the last thing you need is having to book another test, and wait around for another 3 weeks, because you got stuck in traffic on the way there, during rush hour. 15 minutes, even half an hour early is better than not being able to take your test at all.

5.     Have a copy of the Highway Code and learn it cover to cover
The Highway Code is a fantastic resource, not only for passing your theory test, but also for when you’ve passed your practical. There will be a number of questions in your theory test on signs and general Highway Code, so swatting up on these will give you a head start. But with a great understanding, you have a far greater chance of passing your practical and being a safer, more sensible driver.
This applies generally to the approach you have to the theory exam! Don’t think of it as something you need to memorize, to pass your test. Think of it as something that can really save you time and money. Insurance prices increase drastically once you’ve been involved in a collision, so it pays to know exactly what you’re doing on the roads.
The main objective for everyone taking driving tests is to pass as quickly as possible. But by taking up a little bit more of your time that you normally would, to fully grasp the theory of driving you will undoubtedly save your all-important time in the long run and you’re hard earned cash!  

Once you've got this down, you're ready to continue with your other Motorcycle Licence Training, click here to book on a course.

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions or queries about your exams. 
Why you should take the Enhanced Rider Scheme.
No matter what skill level you are at as a motorcyclist, you will undoubtable learn an awful lot from the Enhanced Rding Scheme. From people who have just passed, to people getting back on the bike, to people that ride for a living. Each and every cyclist can transform the way they think about driving with the professional advice provided on the course. 
The enhanced driving course lasts around 1-2 hours. If there are no clear weaknesses, you will be awarded a DSA Certificate of Competence on the day of your course. Some will be given further individual support before receiving the certificate. You are then able to state this certification to an insurance company, which could lead to a substantial discount in the amount you pay for your motorcycle insurance. Not all companies have signed up to support the scheme, so it may be worth contacting your provider to establish how much discount you could receive. 
It may be slightly daunting getting on the roads, even if you have passed your test. ERS can heighten your skills so that you feel comfortable when driving on larger roads at faster speeds. The scheme is not a test, it is purely a learning exercise where you go on a range of roads, with differing traffic conditions. They will then provide you with one to one feedback, which will underline what you need to focus on next time you ride. 
Many pupils who take the Enhanced Rider Scheme are those that have not been riding for a while. Financially able to afford a motorcycle again, coming back after an accident, or simply just taking up cycling again. We would highly recommend the course if any of these are relevant to you. By taking the course, you are able to refresh your memory and brush up on your skills, as well as build up your confidence. 
Moving up to a more powerful motorcycle? By taking the ERS course we teach you to respect the bike and how to gradually build up on the size and speed of the motorcycle that you are riding.  
Or you may simply just to want to gain an understanding of how good your driving is, and what you need to do to improve. We will help you iron out the creases and highlight your tendencies that could potentially be dangerous driving. Cycling is great fun, but can be potentially dangerous if there is not enough vigilance on how you drive. With any motor cycling accident, a minor injury is expected at the very least. It is important to invest time in ensuring that you feel safe, and not a danger to the people you are sharing the road with. 
Even the professionals are using advanced courses to improve there skills. Check out “Never to Good”, a motorcycling programme presented by Alan Davies who takes the course with former world champion Chaz Davies. Chaz Davies has been riding since the age of 15, yet he still managed to learnt an awful lot on specific skills when riding a motorcycle. The programme is a clear example of how everyone can learn from taking these advanced courses. Previews of the 4 episode are now available to watch Youtube. 
Contact us for more information
Best CBT Training Centre London
Hello and welcome to our new blog!

We've been working hard to improve our website and social media lately to make sure that everything is easy and accesible for you all. If you could head over and give us a follow on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ we'd really appreciate it! 

I thought in this first blog that I would just take the time to highlight some of our most recent reviews. We are so incredibly proud to have now received over 90 Google reviews, it makes us so happy to hear of your Motorcycle Training success stories and how happy you were with the service you received from us. Please take a look below at some of our most recent reviews: 

"I can't recommend A2Z more highly. Ossie, Tina, Shane and the rest of the crew were simply fantastic. Their approach very personalized, professional, and safe. They prepared me as well as could be expected for Mod 1 and 2 and, thanks to them, I'm happy to now be part of the motorcycling world. Thanks A2Z!"

"From the first minute you step into the school everyone is very friendly and it feels like you've known these people forever. I would definitely recommend this place and I will definitely go back to get my full motorcycle licence. Gen & his brother (sorry i forgot his name, I think it was Ahmet, but i'm not sure) were my instructors and bwoooy I tell ya it was fun. They explained everything very well and had the patience to wait for everyone. I would also like to mention that their gear is on point ! motorcycles were really well looked after, their helmets, gloves and bibs were definitely helpful, all in all 6 out 5 stars, that's my personal opinion. Oh yeah and make sure you ride a bicycle a little bit before you take your CBT !!! THAT'S A MUST !!!"

"I did my CBT and then DAS straight after with Shane. I passed first time and it was all thanks to Shane's top notch tuition! Don't look anywhere else because this school is brilliant. Thank you Shane, Ozzy and Tina"

If you're interested in finding out more about the courses we offer please follow the links below:
Compulsory Basic Training
Category A1 Light Motorcycles Licence
A2 (restricted motorcycle license)
Direct Access Scheme