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CBT and Motorcyle Training in North London

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What is ERS ?

Improve your riding skills and help reduce your insurance premium with the ERS training.

Its a joint Driving Standards agency ( DSA ) and Motorcycle Industry Association ( MCIA ) scheme designed for fully licensed motorcyclist and its perfect for those of you who:
  1. have just passed your test
  2. are upgrading to a more powerful bike
  3. are returning to biking after a break
  4. simply want a health check on your riding or thinking of going on to a higher level

How does it work

You book a slot of two hours then If your riding is satisfactory, the process ends there and you will be issued with an ERS certificate.

If training (two hour slot) is needed, a rider development plan is devised that concentrates on the specific areas needing attention, rather than taking a " one size fits all " approach.

How do I claim the insurance discount?

Once you've completed your training and received your DSA Certificate of Competence you will need to produce this to your insurance company.

All the major  insurance company's ( available on line ) sponsor this scheme.